AR1021X User Mannul

1. Source Code Compilation

1.1. Document Preparation

   Source Code File:ATH6KL-LSDK-WLAN-AIO-


1.2   System Installation

      Please install ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso system to upgrade the system:

      1)sudo apt-get update

      2) sudo apt-get upgrade

      3)sudo apt-get install libnl-dev

1.3. Compiling Source Code

  1. Extract the source package:tar -xvf ATH6KL-LSDK-WLAN-AIO-
  2. Configure the build script:

       vi WLAN-AIO/build/scripts/x86/config.x86

       export CONFIG_ATH6KL_USB=m


 3. Compilation preparation (remak:Only do it in first compile)

    #cd WLAN_AIO/build

   1)make drivers_frimware_transfer BOARD_TYPE=x86

   2)make drivers_patch BOARD_TYPE=x86

  4.  Compiling source code

     sudo make BOARD_TYPE=x86

2. Instructions

    2.1. Calibration parameter preparation

        When using the AR1021X as a wireless network card, it is necessary to use the driver source code with the calibration parameter binary file corresponding to the AR1021X.

        The calibration parameters corresponding to the AR1021X can use the ART2 tool to load the OTP data of the calibrated card, and then use the command commit memory=file; Save it to the driver\boardData directory. Change the name to bdata.bin after finding the corresponding binary file,then put it on ubuntu:/lib/firmware/ath6k/AR6004/hw3.0/.

     Note:You can use a card's parameters as golden data.  

    2.2  Load the driver module:WLAN-AIO/

        1)sudo insmod compat.ko

        2)sudo insmod cfg80211.ko

        3)sudo insmod ath6kl_usb.ko ath6kl_p2p=0x0 debug_quirks=0x200

          if ath6kl_p2p == 0x0 it will forbid p2p function,if you want to open p2p function,set ath6kl_p2p =0x19,default p2p function is opened.

     2.3. Connet Wifi

         Ensure that the network-manager service is started:

         1)sudo service network-manager start

         2)Click on the network connection, search for the crresponding wifi signal and connect

         Note:  if it is WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption, it may not be able to connect, and the specific solution is self-considered. If it is just testing, it is recommended to connect without encrypted wifi signal. At the same time, you can also use the wpa_supplicant                            command to manually connect, the specific way to self-consider.

 NOTE: bdata.bin bdata


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