MiniBox V1.0 SPEC

Minibox-Lte V1.0 China telecom Internet of things card

  Note:If you use the Internet of things card, you need to bind the Internet device IMEI number.The Internet of things card is bound to IMEI number by default when you first get online.If the card changes the device,we need to find the telecommunication customer service to unbind it.Then, without changing any configuration of the… read more »

Oolite-Box V1.0 Upgrade

Contents  1 Backup  2 Upgrade  3.Firmware    Preparatory work: (1)connect lan: The Board IP generally,than sure PC ip and the Board IP in the same gateway, open cmd ping -t  sure wether connection (2)(if the Board has the Serial)Serial Connection:the Red wire don’t connect,the Black wire connect ground,the Green wire connect TX,White wire connect RX… read more »

How To Use GPIO to Simulate I2C-Bus

1.Add  kmod-i2c-gpio-custom  # make menuconfig Kernel modules  —>         I2C support  —>                <*> kmod-i2c-gpio-custom.  2.Rebuild the firmware. # make V=s J=8 3.Flash new firmware then insmod module root@OpenWrt:/# insmod i2c-dev [   76.360000] i2c /dev entries driver root@OpenWrt:/# insmod i2c-gpio-custom bus0=0,8,7 [  156.730000] Custom GPIO-based I2C driver… read more »

Minibox-Lte V1.0 4G-LTE Throughput Test Report

4G-LTE Throughput Test Report: Quectel_EC25_LTE_Specification_V1.5:  

Oolite V8 Frequently Asked Questions Statistics

1、D2 DB_PORST_N pin after Power on Reset caused the system to crash. There are timing requirements for this pin: We have not use PORST_N . We use the circuit in the reference design.   2、The boot level of the pin ESW_P3_LED_0 is low, and the level state is different from that of the other four… read more »

Oolite V3.4x User Manual

Oolite V3.4x have two HW version Oolite V3.4S : MT7688AN, 1×1 WiFi 150Mbps Oolite V3.4D : MT7628AN, 1×1 WiFi 300Mbps Specification Download Openwrt Source Code Download Development Board Hardware Design Download PCB: DSN: BOM: