Build Firmware For Oolite v3.5

1. Environment

        Any linux 64-bits based operating system.

2. Resource preparation

       Download the SDK package through : openwrt-15.05.tar

       Extract the package by :tar -jxvf openwrt-15.05.tar.gz

       Make sure all the dependencies are installed.

       Download the mt_wifi drive package through(place drive package in the same directory with extracted SDK folder):  mt_wifi.tar

       Extract and copy mt_wifi drive into work dirctory by: 

               tar -jxvf mt_wifi.tar.gz

               cp -r mt_wifi openwrt-15.05/package/mt_wifi/files

3. Compile

       cd openwrt-15.05

       ./scripts/feeds update -a

       ./scripts/feeds install -a

       make menuconfig




        select Exit – Yes

        Input make V=s j=99 waiting for compile firmware.

        You shall find firmware – openwrt-ramips-mt7628-Oolite-v3.5_F-32MB-15.05-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin in directory ../openwrt-15.05/bin/ramips/.

       Chose any feature after first compilation.


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