Oolite-MT7620A JTAG

If we want to use MT7620A JTAG,we need let the cpu work in the JATG Mode. The Schematic on the Module is: The plase on the PCB is:

Oolite 7620A Upgrade Instruction

1.preparatory work Software:         Firmware – uboot.bin or openwrt.bin;         SecureCRT;         Tftp32;         WinSCP; Hardware:         Known-good Ethernet cable;         Known-good serial cable;   2. Upgrade 2.1 Serial         Verify that DUT IP and server IP in same network segment                 – For Oolite V7620A, verify that DUT IP and set server IP… read more »

Oolite-MT7620A port gigabit on boards or pin numbers?

RGMII 1000M/Ethernet Interface 59 GE_GND 60 GE_MDIO 61 GE_MDC 62 GE2_TXD3 63 GE2_TXD2 64 GE2_TXD1 65 GE2_TXD0 66 GE2_TXEN 67 GE2_TXCLK 68 GE1_TXD3 69 GE1_TXD2 70 GE1_TXD1 71 GE1_TXD0 72 GE1_TXEN 73 GE1_TXCLK 74 GE2_RXD3 75 GE2_RXD2 76 GE2_RXD1 77 GE2_RXD0 78 GE2_RXDV 79 GE2_RXCLK 80 GE1_RXD3 81 GE1_RXD2 82 GE1_RXD1 83 GE1_RXD0 84 GE1_RXDV… read more »

Oolite-MT7620A-DEV Keys Issue

Hi,friends,     First,I need to say sorry to you,our SW keys has some issue,i will explain it. SW1:     SW1 is connected to GPIO#0,But we found this Pin is only for output,this design is very bad,so you can't use it for input function.   SW2   SW2 can be use as SofeWare Reset… read more »

Oolite-MT7620A HDK

Schematic Diagram(PDF) http://ooioe.com/mt7620/baseboard/7620A+8960_201604011.pdf Attention: This Schematic hava a issue,please look at this before you designe you own Dev-Board. Oolite-MT7620A-DEV Keys Issue http://oolite.cn/oolite-mt7620a-dev-keys-issue.html PCB Layout(Pads9.5) Oolite-MT7620A_DEV_20160530  

How to compile Oolite-MT7620A U-boot source code

1.Download U-boot Source Code You can downloard our sdk on : http://www.ooioe.com//mt7620/u-boot_MTK_4300_with_uip-v20160421.bz2   2.Unpack The Source Code tar -jxvf u-boot_MTK_4300_with_uip-v20160421.bz2   3.Compile the U-boot #make menuconfig                             #make ===============<<IMPORTANT>>================== Notes:Uboot firmware is uboot.bin NOT uboot.img ================================================ james@ubuntu:~/work/mtk/uboot-4320$ uboot.bin what you need to flash… read more »