Pupfish-MT7623A Brief

Overview         MT7623A is a highly integrated network router system-on-chip used for high wireless performance, home entertainment, home automationand so on.         MT7623 is fabricated with advanced silicon process and integrates a Quad-core ARM® Cortex-A7 MPCoreTM operating up to 1.3GHz and more DRAM bandwidth. This SoC also includes a variety of peripherals,including… read more »

MT7623 SDK

Download: MD5SUM: 3da3bd6e06c72489302d4347aee1fedf  MediaTek_APSoC_SDK5010_20151231.tar.bz2

MT7623 HardWare Design


MT7623 U-Boot

Downloard the U-Boot source code: V1.0 Version : Uboot-arm-5010_V1.0 How To Build The Source Code 1.james@ubuntu:~/work/mtk/mt7623a/Uboot-arm-5010$ make menuconfig 2.james@ubuntu:~/work/mtk/mt7623a/Uboot-arm-5010$ make 3.uboot files is "u-boot-mtk.bin"