Oolite V2.0

Oolite V2.0 Upgrade

Oolite V2.0 Contents 1 Backup 2 Upgrade 1 Backup   1.0 Backup the current configurtion files          when the board enter system and login and chick Generate archive to backup the current configurtion files          1.1  backup by Telnet and Winscp      (1) in the ser ial choice telnet … read more »

Oolite-V2 U-Boot

This is a new version uboot,have fixed reset hangs on uboot. Download:AR9331_U-Boot_Oolite-v2-v20170727

Oolite-V2 Datasheet

Download here: http://oolite.cn/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/oolitev2-Spec-150115.pdf