CeilingAP V1.0

Ceiling AP V1.0 upgrade

Ceiling AP V1.0 upgrade Specification Version 1.0.0                                                                                                 … read more »

HowTo: build a image for CeilingAPV1 with OpenWRT CC15.05

please follow those instructions to build a image for CeilingAPV1: 1. get openwrt source from git://git.openwrt.org/15.05/openwrt.git >> git clone git://git.openwrt.org/15.05/openwrt.git 2. reset git to 9485d3dfa3796258faf9cff446eba5de612a1efe >> git reset –hard 9485d3dfa3796258faf9cff446eba5de612a1efe 3. install openwrt packages >> ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a 4. apply patch ceilingap_v1_cc15.05_20160326.patch, please see attachment click here >> patch -p1 <… read more »

CeilingAP V1.0 specification

CeilingAP-V1.0-specification-V1.0.3 CeilingAP V1.0 is based on Qualcomm Atheros QCA9531 chip. It's up to 650mhz processor and support expand 5G WiFi or usb 3G/4G modem. Embedding 64/128MB RAM and 16/32MB ROM makes it quick launch wireless scenarios . Integrated high power PA and LNA , transmission distance is upgrade to farther.    CeilingAP V1.0 can be powered by PoE (802.3at/802.3af/Passive 12-48V POE) or… read more »

How to work with the CeilingAP V1.0 external USB port

CeilingAP V1.0 usb is a compatible desgin. we can adjust 2 pcs 0Ω resistances to work with different usb device. Usb lines route to Mini-pcie type 3G/4G modem for default.  We can use the external USB port like these pics.   attached the usb connector datasheet. UB3119C-4SK8-4F