Oolite V5.2

How to backup the falsh ?

1.How to backup the falsh ? Step 1 : power up the board & press the button “sw1”& enter the  in order to enter the httpd mod   Step 2:Click backup & begin to download the whole bin file Step 3:get the file how to falsh the art Step1:click the CalData & start to upload… read more »

Oolite V5.2 upgrade

    Oolite V5.2 upgrade Specification Version 1.0.0 Author:Nolan September 7 2017   1. Preparatory work 2. tftp upgrade 3.upgrade by LUCI 1.Preparatory work If your are using PL2303 Serial Board,Need installation PL2303 Prolific DriverInstaller v110.exe serial port driver in the PC。Right-click the desktop "computer" icon. Click "management". Click "device manager",Right side display the following figure.   Look out 'COM5' serial… read more »