Oolite V5R

How to compile Oolitev5R uboot

1.tar -zxvf  oolite-v5R-uboot.tar.gz 2.cd oolite-v5R-uboot/qca953x 3.make menuconfig 4.Exit & save 5.make V=s j=4 6. Get the file in oolite-v5R-uboot/qca953x/bin 7.here is the source code oolite-v5R-uboot.tar

Oolite V5R Upgrate

Oolite V5R Contents 1 Backup 2 Upgrate Preparatory work:    (1)you can see this board power supply by POE, so the board connect PC only by wireless ,we need WLAN card In PC,then connect by wireless (2) The Board IP generally,than sure PC ip and the Board IP in the same gateway, open cmd ping… read more »

HowTo: build a image for OoliteV5R with OpenWRT CC15.05

please follow those instructions to build a image for OoliteV5R: 1. get openwrt source from git://git.openwrt.org/15.05/openwrt.git >> git clone git://git.openwrt.org/15.05/openwrt.git 2. reset git to 9485d3dfa3796258faf9cff446eba5de612a1efe >> git reset –hard 9485d3dfa3796258faf9cff446eba5de612a1efe 3. install openwrt packages >> ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a 4. apply patch oolite_v5r_cc15.05_20170726.patch, please see attachment click here >> patch -p1 <… read more »

MiniBoxV3 QSDK firmware compile patch

patch download link : MiniBoxV3-QSDK   git log , check out the 0bd358b8ccc619cd4fb5fc7104b334941488fbf0 # git reset –hard 0bd358b8ccc619cd4fb5fc7104b334941488fbf0 apply the patch # patch -p1 < $(WORK_DIR)/tplink-lzma_for_16M.patch apply the minibox_v3_qsdk_20160324.patch # patch -p1 < $(WORK_DIR)/minibox_v3_qsdk_20160324.patch # rm -rf tmp/ .config .config.old check minibox_v3 and compile # make menuconfig && make kernel_menuconfig