Miniboxv3.2 upgrade


Mini Box V3.2 Upgrade  

Specification Version 1.0.0


  Author : Nolan
September 9, 2017


NO.1 Perpare work

NO.2 Upload the firmware

NO.3 Update the firmware & uboot by HTTPD

NO.4 Lede and QSDK firmware download link  




NO.1 Perparework


1.Line up the board and the PC(through network)

2.Open the secureCRT and Line the box

We choice  “quick link” 


(password default password is NULL)

Click login

Click system->backup/Flash Firmware

4.Backup the configuration

Click generate archive 

Get the backup file

5.Backup the system

Link up secureCRT( by telent)

Type the command:cat /proc/mtd 


We backup the firmware

Type the command :dd if=/dev/mtd5 of=/tmp/firmware.bin

Set the password(by LUCI)


6.Link the by winscp

he left side is the windows 7 system files,and the right is the Minibox v3.0 system files.

The need to update the file, download to the right of the “tmp” directory.

NO.2 Upgrade the firmware 


Upload the bin you want the upgrade(like the next picture)

In the SecureCRT console,enter  the “tmp” directory.

cd   /tmp

mtd  erase /dev/mtd5

mtd write firmware.bin    /dev/mtd5

NO.3 Update the uboot by HTTPD


1.Press the reset button at least 5 seconds to get into the httpd


you only can upgrade uboot in there


NO.4 Lede and QSDK firmware download link 

 Lede firmware download link:openwrt-ar71xx-generic-MiniBox-V3.2-squashfs-sysupgrade

 QSDK firmware download link:openwrt-ar71xx-generic-minibox-v3-2-16M-squashfs-factory



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