Oolite V2.0 Upgrade

Oolite V2.0


1 Backup

2 Upgrade

1 Backup

  1.0 Backup the current configurtion files 

        when the board enter system and login and chick Generate archive to backup the current configurtion files


1.1  backup by Telnet and Winscp

     (1) in the ser ial choice telnet 


 (2)   press reset key (because you should cancel you register password )until enter into the congsile  input:  cat/proc/mtd


(3) then input: “dd if=/dev/mtd0 of=/tmp/u-boot.bin”so that make “u-boot”become a file and save in  tmp directory ,also do kerlnel、rootfs、rootfs_data、firmware,art  like that


(4) login net and set password and Save&Apply



      (5) open Winscp  

         Password:you register previously


    (6)then load the file you backup in the tmp directory


2 Upgrade

   2.0 Upgrade by httpd

       (1)Long Press Reset key,then press the prower button after 5 seconds loosen Reset key

       (2)login net,you can see


(3)choice the uboot or the os you want ,than Chick UPLOAD


(4) When it is ok ,you can see  

 2.1 Upload by winscp+mtd

      (1)Open  the power supply,wating for system start to finish. Set “root” password


      (2) Open the “winscp” software in windows 7



   The left side is the windows 7 system files,and the right is Oolite V2.0 system files. The need to update the file, download to the right of the “tmp” directory

(4)In the SecureCRT console,enter the “tmp” directory

cd /tmp

mtd erase /dev/mtd5

(5)mtd write AR9331_Oolite-v2_Openwrt-os_v20150408.bin  /dev/mtd5













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