Oolite V5.2 upgrade




Oolite V5.2 upgrade

Specification Version 1.0.0


September 7 2017


1. Preparatory work

2. tftp upgrade

3.upgrade by LUCI

1.Preparatory work

If your are using PL2303 Serial Board,Need installation PL2303 Prolific DriverInstaller v110.exe serial port driver in the PC。Right-click the desktop "computer" icon. Click "management".

Click "device manager",Right side display the following figure.


Look out 'COM5' serial port .

Open "SecureCRT" in double-click.

The first time use,click "quick link",show in following figure.

Select protocol for "Serial",Port for "COM5",set the correct baud rate,such as ceiling AP  set to "115200",Different board baud rate setting is not all the same,usually used "115200" and "57600"


2.tftp upgrade

Serial wire is connetcted to a board corresponding serial port (Rx、Tx、GND), after open power,Wait for serial prot print out counter,

Type  “enter” get in the uboot mod

Type  the command :httpd in the uboot mod

And then you can upgrade system by httpd

Enter the


You can upgrade uboot and firmware by httpd



Choice the upgrade file and start to upload

Start to upgrade

Wait a moment

(the correct way)

Until the system reboot

The upgrade finish

3.upgrade by LUCI

Reset system enter the192.168.1.1

Click system ->back /Flash fireware

Backup the configuration

Click the generate archive to downlod the backup file

You can flash the firmware by click the flash image

Click the proceed to continue

Wait for the upgrade done

When the web return to the login,upgrade finish


Firmwares for Oolite V5.2:openwrt-ar71xx-generic-oolite-v5-2-16M-squashfs-factory




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