Oolite MTK soc Modules upgrade instructions

1 Preparatory work Need installation PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v110.exe serial port driver in the PC。 Right-click the desktop “computer” icon.       Click “management”                  Click “device manager”,Right side display the following figure.   Look out ‘COM5’ serial port . Open “SecureCRT” in double-click. The first time use,click “quick link”,show in following figure. Select protocol for “Serial”,Port for “COM5”,set… read more »

Oolite V8.0 UARTx3 Description

MT7621 have 3 UART: UART1 is used for system debug(we sugges not use UART1 for other function, unless must use it. )  If you want connect other board to MT7621,we suggest use UART2 & UART3. When you use our MT7621 Module Oolite V8.0 this pins if for UART:

oolite v5.1无线桥接模式设置

PC通过网线或者wifi连接后,登录192.168.1.1 选择wifi项: 点击scan 扫描当前可用wifi 找到你要连接的wifi ,点击join network 输入wifi密码,后点击submit,然后保存即可 成功连接上网:

MT7620 Datasheet

If you want to know more about MT7620,you will need this Datasheet from MediaTek. Download:

How to compile the GSRM-5320 lede firmware the lede source code ( make sure have chose the right branch gsrm-5320 ) 2.update the package ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a 3.make menuconfig (chose the right target (MediaTek Ralink MIPS ) & target profile(MediaTek MT7620a Oolite-7620-16MB) ) 4.make kernel_menuconfig (chose the right machine )  5. make V=s j=99

Minibox-Lte V1.0 Upgrade

Contents  1 Backup  2 Upgrade   Preparatory work: (1)connect lan: The Board IP generally,than sure PC ip and the Board IP in the same gateway, open cmd ping -t  sure wether connection 1.Backup (1)Backup by net :​ Turn on the Board and login net :, by chick and backup the current configuration files… read more »

Oolite V2.1 SPEC

MiniBox V1.0 SPEC

Minibox-Lte V1.0 China telecom Internet of things card

  Note:If you use the Internet of things card, you need to bind the Internet device IMEI number.The Internet of things card is bound to IMEI number by default when you first get online.If the card changes the device,we need to find the telecommunication customer service to unbind it.Then, without changing any configuration of the… read more »