Oolite MTK soc Modules upgrade instructions

1 Preparatory work Need installation PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v110.exe serial port driver in the PC。 Right-click the desktop “computer” icon.       Click “management”                  Click “device manager”,Right side display the following figure.   Look out ‘COM5’ serial port . Open “SecureCRT” in double-click. The first time use,click “quick link”,show in following figure. Select protocol for “Serial”,Port for “COM5”,set… read more »

How to update fw when luci check fw failed(Oolite V3.2)

1.Openwrt-15.05 Fw download : openwrt-ramips-mt7628-Oolite-V3.2_F-8MB-15.05_V2.0_20170912 openwrt-ramips-mt7628-Oolite-v3.2_F-16MB-15.05_V2.0_20170912 openwrt-ramips-mt7628-Oolite-V3.2_F-32MB-15.05_V2.0_20170912 openwrt-ramips-mt7628-Oolite-V3.2_F-64MB-15.05_V2.0_20170912   2.luci update fw failed: 3.Telnet to the board.   4. root@OpenWrt:/tmp# cat /proc/mtd dev:    size   erasesize  name mtd0: 00030000 00010000 "u-boot" mtd1: 00010000 00010000 "u-boot-env" mtd2: 00010000 00010000 "factory" mtd3: 00fb0000 00010000 "firmware" mtd4: 00115bea 00010000 "kernel" mtd5: 00e9a416 00010000 "rootfs" mtd6: 00b00000 00010000… read more »

Oolite V3.5 Upgrade Instruction

1.preparatory work Software:         Firmware – uboot.bin or openwrt.bin;         SecureCRT;         Tftp32;         WinSCP; Hardware:         Known-good Ethernet cable;         Known-good serial cable; 2. Upgrade 2.1 Serial         Verify that DUT IP and server IP in same network segment                 – For Oolite V3.5, verify that DUT IP and set server IP;… read more »

Oolite V5.1 Hardware User Manual

Development Board ==================================================================================================== Schematic Diagram OOLITEV5_1_DEV_V1_0_2.pdf OOLITEV5_1_DEV_V1_0_2.DSN PCB OOLITEV5_1_DEV_V2.0.pcb Notice:    Just for reference,pleace make sure it's right by yourself!

AR1021X User Mannul

1. Source Code Compilation 1.1. Document Preparation    Source Code File:ATH6KL-LSDK-WLAN-AIO-    System:ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso 1.2   System Installation       Please install ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso system to upgrade the system:       1)sudo apt-get update       2) sudo apt-get upgrade       3)sudo apt-get install libnl-dev 1.3. Compiling Source Code Extract the source package:tar -xvf ATH6KL-LSDK-WLAN-AIO-… read more »

How to compile the MiniBox V3.2 lede firmware the lede source code  2.git pull ,update the source code  3.try the reset the "git log" to bf4aa52dbf9f4ecb4e48f815e30357976605a12a   git reset –hard bf4aa52dbf9f4ecb4e48f815e30357976605a12a 3.update the package ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a 4.apply the patch  patch -p1 <minibox-v3_2 minibox-v3_2 5.make menuconfig & make kernelmenuconfig select the right target & compile     

How to compile Oolitev5R uboot

1.tar -zxvf  oolite-v5R-uboot.tar.gz oolite-v5R-uboot/qca953x 3.make menuconfig 4.Exit & save 5.make V=s j=4 6. Get the file in oolite-v5R-uboot/qca953x/bin is the source code oolite-v5R-uboot.tar

How to backup the falsh ?

1.How to backup the falsh ? Step 1 : power up the board & press the button “sw1”& enter the  in order to enter the httpd mod   Step 2:Click backup & begin to download the whole bin file Step 3:get the file how to falsh the art Step1:click the CalData & start to upload… read more »

HowTo: build a image for Oolite V5.1 with OpenWRT

HowTo: build a image for Oolite V5.1 with OpenWRT please follow those instructions to build a image for Oolite V5.1 : 1. get openwrt source from >> git clone 2. reset git to 8e1065d681daff321f715ce5c6c172c12036bd6f >> git reset –hard 8e1065d681daff321f715ce5c6c172c12036bd6f 3. install openwrt packages >> ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a 4. apply patch oolitev5.1-16m.patch , please see… read more »

Oolite-MT7620A JTAG

If we want to use MT7620A JTAG,we need let the cpu work in the JATG Mode. The Schematic on the Module is: The plase on the PCB is:

HowTo: Register GPIO reset button for OoliteV5.1

OoliteV5.1 base board have one reset button. However this reset button connected to cpu reset. So if you need a software reset button instead of hardware reset, you need do some works follow this:   1. regist GPIOx to kernel core, please modify machine file "mach-oolite-v5.c" follow below: I) define some macros for GPIOx: #define… read more »