MiniBox V3.0

Gainstrong Oolite series OpenWrt source

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HowTo: build a image for Miniboxv3.0 with OpenWRT

please follow those instructions to build a image for Miniboxv3.0: 1. get openwrt source from >> git clone 2. reset git to 9485d3dfa3796258faf9cff446eba5de612a1efe >> git reset –hard 9485d3dfa3796258faf9cff446eba5de612a1efe 3. install openwrt packages >> ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a 4. apply patch minibox_v3_cc15.05_20160325.patch , please see attachment minibox_v3_cc15.05_20160325 >> patch -p1 < minibox_v3_cc15.05_20160325.patch… read more »