MiniBox V3.0

HowTo: build a image for MINIBOXV3.0 with OpenWRT

        HowTo: build a image for Miniboxv3.0 with OpenWRT please follow those instructions to build a image for Miniboxv3.0: 1. get openwrt source from >> git clone 2. reset git to 9485d3dfa3796258faf9cff446eba5de612a1efe >> git reset –hard 9485d3dfa3796258faf9cff446eba5de612a1efe 3. install openwrt packages >> ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a 4…. read more »

Mini Box V3.0 Upgrade

  you can download the bin file in there MiniBoxV3-userself-uboot minibox-v3-qsdk-2.9.095 NO.1 Perpare work /******************************************************************************* 1.Line up the board and the PC(through network) 2.Open the secureCRT and Line the box We choice “quick link” 3.Enter (password default password is NULL) Click login Click system->backup/Flash Firmware 4.Backup the configuration Click generate archive   5.Backup the… read more »

MiniBoxV3 QSDK firmware compile patch

patch download link : MiniBoxV3-QSDK   git log , check out the 0bd358b8ccc619cd4fb5fc7104b334941488fbf0 # git reset –hard 0bd358b8ccc619cd4fb5fc7104b334941488fbf0 apply the patch # patch -p1 < $(WORK_DIR)/tplink-lzma_for_16M.patch apply the minibox_v3_qsdk_20160324.patch # patch -p1 < $(WORK_DIR)/minibox_v3_qsdk_20160324.patch # rm -rf tmp/ .config .config.old check minibox_v3 and compile # make menuconfig && make kernel_menuconfig