Oolite V5.0

HowTo: Register GPIO reset button for OoliteV5.1

OoliteV5.1 base board have one reset button. However this reset button connected to cpu reset. So if you need a software reset button instead of hardware reset, you need do some works follow this:   1. regist GPIOx to kernel core, please modify machine file "mach-oolite-v5.c" follow below: I) define some macros for GPIOx: #define… read more »

MiniBoxV3 QSDK firmware compile patch

patch download link : MiniBoxV3-QSDK   git log , check out the 0bd358b8ccc619cd4fb5fc7104b334941488fbf0 # git reset –hard 0bd358b8ccc619cd4fb5fc7104b334941488fbf0 apply the patch # patch -p1 < $(WORK_DIR)/tplink-lzma_for_16M.patch apply the minibox_v3_qsdk_20160324.patch # patch -p1 < $(WORK_DIR)/minibox_v3_qsdk_20160324.patch # rm -rf tmp/ .config .config.old check minibox_v3 and compile # make menuconfig && make kernel_menuconfig