Minibox-Lte V1.0

Minibox-Lte V1.0 Upgrade

Contents  1 Backup  2 Upgrade   Preparatory work: (1)connect lan: The Board IP generally,than sure PC ip and the Board IP in the same gateway, open cmd ping -t  sure wether connection 1.Backup (1)Backup by net :​ Turn on the Board and login net :, by chick and backup the current configuration files… read more »

Minibox-Lte V1.0 China telecom Internet of things card

  Note:If you use the Internet of things card, you need to bind the Internet device IMEI number.The Internet of things card is bound to IMEI number by default when you first get online.If the card changes the device,we need to find the telecommunication customer service to unbind it.Then, without changing any configuration of the… read more »

Minibox-Lte V1.0 4G-LTE Throughput Test Report

4G-LTE Throughput Test Report: Quectel_EC25_LTE_Specification_V1.5:  

MiniBox-Lte V1.0 lede firmware compile patch

  16M flash minibox-lte lede patch 17.01.4 基于bb46520159c0119e829900e29681feea6f297fe0 patch download link : minibox-lte-16m   32M flash minibox-lte lede patch : minibox-lte-32m-flash-support the source code lede 17 2.git log    git reset –hard bb46520159c0119e829900e29681feea6f297fe0  3.git apply –check  minibox-lte-16m.patch   git apply –stat  minibox-lte-16m.patch   git apply  minibox-lte-16m.patch 4.make menuconfig && make kernel_menuconfig  choice the right target && platform  5.make… read more »