Minibox-Lora V1.0 Upgrade Instruction

              1. Change the PC IP       2. connect lan: Press the reset key and hold on,then power the Board ,hold the reset key more than 5S, then release. The Board IP generally open cmd ping -t  sure wether connection     3.upgrad by net :​  login net :, click  “OS “ button,… read more »

Oolite V3.5 Upgrade Instruction

1.preparatory work Software:         Firmware – uboot.bin or openwrt.bin;         SecureCRT;         Tftp32;         WinSCP; Hardware:         Known-good Ethernet cable;         Known-good serial cable; 2. Upgrade 2.1 Serial         Verify that DUT IP and server IP in same network segment                 – For Oolite V3.5, verify that DUT IP and set server IP;… read more »

How to compile Oolite-MT7620A U-boot source code

1.Download U-boot Source Code You can downloard our sdk on :   2.Unpack The Source Code tar -jxvf u-boot_MTK_4300_with_uip-v20160421.bz2   3.Compile the U-boot #make menuconfig                             #make ===============<<IMPORTANT>>================== Notes:Uboot firmware is uboot.bin NOT uboot.img ================================================ james@ubuntu:~/work/mtk/uboot-4320$ uboot.bin what you need to flash… read more »

About MT76x8 Uart

some ppl want to use MT76x8 Uart flow control.  badly, the chipset dosen't support full Uart.

Oolite V3.0 Specification

General Description: This Module use MT7688AN, it can support an EMMC for storage ,there also has a PCB ANTA on board and a IPX ANTA seat for alternative.What's more,we lead out all function and I/O ports for expand. The MT7688AN integrated a 1T1R 802.11n WiFi radio,a 580 MHZ MIPS 24KEc CPU,1port fast Ethernet PHY,USB2.0 host,PCIe,SD-XC,I2S/PCM… read more »

Oolite MTK soc Modules upgrade instructions

1 Preparatory work Need installation PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v110.exe serial port driver in the PC。 Right-click the desktop “computer” icon.       Click “management”                  Click “device manager”,Right side display the following figure.   Look out ‘COM5’ serial port . Open “SecureCRT” in double-click. The first time use,click “quick link”,show in following figure. Select protocol for “Serial”,Port for “COM5”,set… read more »

How to compile Oolite-v3.0 openwrt firmware

  1.Download SDK You can downloard our sdk on :   2.Unpack The Source Code tar -zxvf openwrt-15.05-oolitev3.tar.gz   3.Compile the Oolite-v3.0 Firmware 1.james@ubuntu:~/work/mtk/mt76x8/openwrt-15.05$ make menuconfig 2.james@ubuntu:~/work/mtk/mt76x8/openwrt-15.05$ make V=99 3.You can find the firmware in this dir: james@ubuntu:~/work/mtk/mt76x8/openwrt-15.05$ cd bin/ramips/ james@ubuntu:~/work/mtk/mt76x8/openwrt-15.05/bin/ramips$ ls -lh total 33M -rw-r–r– 1 james james  854 Dec  1 19:30 md5sums -rw-r–r–… read more »