Oolite V3.5 Upgrade Instruction

1.preparatory work


        Firmware – uboot.bin or openwrt.bin;





        Known-good Ethernet cable;

        Known-good serial cable;

2. Upgrade
2.1 Serial

        Verify that DUT IP and server IP in same network segment

                – For Oolite V3.5, verify that DUT IP and set server IP;

        Install serial port driver in PC;

        Verify serial cable is available and serial com number through right click “Computer”- “Manage” – “device Manager” – “Ports”;  


        Open SecureCRT.exe with double click, click “File” -> ”Quick Connect” and set as below:


        Port value may be different because of using different PC USB ports. Verify the right one for your PC.

        Click “Connect” with verifying input correct port number and baud rate.

        Open TFTP32 with double click and verify that the file for upgrade should be placed in same directory of TFTP32.


        Connect corresponding serial port on board with PC via serial cable with the order as:

                Black to GND; Green to RX; White to TX.


        Power on board after checking all cables available.

        Choose operation 4 when system count down.

    Upgrade OS:

            In uboot command section, input “tftp 0x80060000 your-OS-filename “- press enter – “arb_erase 0xbc050000 +your-OS-file-size” – press enter – “cp.ddrtoflash 0x80060000 0xbc050000 your-OS-file-size”.

    Upgrade uboot:

            In uboot command section,input “tftp 0x80060000 your-uboot-filename “- press enter – “arb_erase 0xbc000000 +0x30000” – press enter – “cp.ddrtoflash 0x80060000 0xbc000000 0x30000”.

    Upgrade MAC address:

Input “help” – “mac_w”,following  rules like:

mac_w mac_w<offs> <mac>  eg.mac_w 0xbc040004 0C EF AF C3 00 00


2.2 Httpd

            Connect LAN port of Oolite V4 with PC via an Ethernet cable;

        Verify that DUT IP and server IP in same network segment

     – For Oolite V3.5 httpd server, verify that DUT IP and set server IP;

        Hold SW_RST button and power on.

        Loose reset button after 5 seconds, DUT will inter httpd mode automatically;

                (or Select “4” -> “help” -> “httpd” on SecureCRT).


        Enter “” in browser(usually recommend with Firefox or Chrome);


       Choose correct firmware for Oolite v4 and click “Upload firmware”.


2.3 OpenWRT LuCI

        Connect LAN port  with PC via an Ethernet cable;

        Verify that DUT IP and server IP in same network segment

      – For Oolite V4, verify that DUT IP and set server IP (or input “ifconfig” in secureCRT when system processing to check the ip address of DUT if the ip address is not correct);

        Power on  and verify that LED lits;

        Enter “” in browser(usually recommended with Firefox or Chrome);

        Click Login while a confirm window jumping out;



        Click System -> Back Flashing/Firmware, entering Flash operations section;

        Choose an OpenWrt firmware image then click “Apply” to upgrade in Update Firmware section;

        Choose a Bootloader image then click “Apply” to upgrade in Update Bootloader section;

2.4 Winscp + mtd  update firmware

        Open the power supply. Waiting for system starts operating.

        Enter “” in browser. Go to password configuration and  verify user name with a new password.

       Open the “winscp” software in windows 7.

       Verify user name and password then click login.

        WinSCP shall form a connection of PC and openwrt so that users can transform data between each other.

        The left side is the windows 7 system files,and the right is the system files of DUT.

        Select correct files that you want to upgrade device.  Right click the file and upload it to /tmp directory of DUT.

        After uploading all files needed, enter /tmp directory on SecureCRT.

        By input “cd /tmp correct” – “mtd erase /dev/mtd3″ – ” mtd write MT7628-Oolite-V3.5_F-32MB-4G Module.bin    /dev/mtd3″.

        Firmware “MT7628-Oolite-V3.5_F-32MB-4G Module.bin” has been successfully upgraded.




      Firmwares for Oolite V3.5


MT7628-Oolite-V3.5_F-32MB-4G Module





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