MT7620 Datasheet

If you want to know more about MT7620,you will need this Datasheet from MediaTek. Download:

How to compile the GSRM-5320 lede firmware the lede source code ( make sure have chose the right branch gsrm-5320 ) 2.update the package ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a 3.make menuconfig (chose the right target (MediaTek Ralink MIPS ) & target profile(MediaTek MT7620a Oolite-7620-16MB) ) 4.make kernel_menuconfig (chose the right machine )  5. make V=s j=99

Oolite V8 Frequently Asked Questions Statistics

1、D2 DB_PORST_N pin after Power on Reset caused the system to crash. There are timing requirements for this pin: We have not use PORST_N . We use the circuit in the reference design.   2、The boot level of the pin ESW_P3_LED_0 is low, and the level state is different from that of the other four… read more »

Minibox-Lora V1.0 Upgrade Instruction

              1. Change the PC IP       2. connect lan: Press the reset key and hold on,then power the Board ,hold the reset key more than 5S, then release. The Board IP generally open cmd ping -t  sure wether connection     3.upgrad by net :​  login net :, click  “OS “ button,… read more »

Oolite V3.5 HW Instruction

Schematic Diagram:   PCB Diagram(PADS9.5)

Build Firmware For Oolite v3.5

1. Environment         Any linux 64-bits based operating system. 2. Resource preparation        Download the SDK package through : openwrt-15.05.tar        Extract the package by :tar -jxvf openwrt-15.05.tar.gz        Make sure all the dependencies are installed.        Download the mt_wifi drive package through(place drive package in the same directory with extracted SDK folder):  mt_wifi.tar       … read more »