HowTo: build a image for Oolite V5.1 with OpenWRT

please follow those instructions to build a image for Oolite V5.1 :

1. get openwrt source from

>> git clone

2. reset git to 8e1065d681daff321f715ce5c6c172c12036bd6f
>> git reset –hard 8e1065d681daff321f715ce5c6c172c12036bd6f

3. install openwrt packages
>> ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a

4. apply patch oolitev5.1-16m.patch , please see attachment oolitev5.1-16m
>> git apply –stat oolitev5.1-16m.patch

      git apply –check oolitev5.1-16m.patch

      git apply oolitev5.1-16m.patch

5. run make menuconfig and select Target Profile <Oolite V5.1>

6. run make kernel_menuconfig and select machine <OoliteV5.1 board> only

7. run make to get new image for oolitev5.1


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