Oolite Devices Guidance

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WIFI AP SOC core module
Oolite V1.0 AR9331 onboard antenna module
Oolite V1.5 AR9331 onboard antenna + FEM module
Oolite V2.0 AR9331 Mini Module
Oolite V2.2 AR9331 with pins module
Oolite V3.0 MT7688A emmc optional module
Oolite V3.1 MT7688A emmc optional + pins
Oolite V3.2 MT7688A/28A mini module
Oolite V4.0 MT7688A/28A+WM8523 module
Oolite V5.0 QCA9531 with onboard antenna
Oolite V5.1 QCA9531 DDR2 high power
Oolite V5R QCA9531 DDR1 high power
Oolite V5.2 QCA9531+QCA9887 high power module
Oolite V6.0  
Oolite V7.0 QCA9563+QCA8334 1X1  dual Giga
Oolite V8.0 MT7621A core module
Oolite V9.0 AR9344 dual band FEM module
Oolite-MT7620 MT7620A 4*4cm module
MiniBox Mini 2*Ethernet ports + USB power router
MiniBox V1.0 AR9331
MiniBox V2.0 MT7688
MiniBox V2.2 MT7688/28´╝îMT7612E OPTIONAL
MiniBox V3.0 QCA9531
MiniBox V3.2 QCA9531+QCA9887/9377
CeilingAP V1.0 QCA9531 High power
GS-RMA5320 Oolite-MT7620 metal case router
Oolite-Box V1.0 QCA9531 3G router
Pupfish ARM core module
Pupfish-MT7623A V1.0 MT7623A
Pupfish-MT7623A V1.1 MT7623A new design
Pupfish-IPQ8064 V1.0 IPQ8064
Pupfish-IPQ4018 V1.0 IPQ4018
Pupfish-IPQ4029 V1.0 IPQ4029
Baykallake Intel x86 Serial
Baykallake V1.0 Skylake-U device
RouterKnife V1.0 FT4323HL
RouterKnife+ V1.0 AD samples part
KiwiPi V1.0 H3 Allwinner
Lora.House SX1276
Lora.House V1.0 Lora module
CPE AR9344
GS-CPE9344D01 AR9344 5G CPE board
Minipcie/USB Card  
GS-PQB20 AR9582 2*2 High Power 5Ghz
GS-PQB212/5/D AR9582 2*2 High Power 5Ghz
GS-PQD10 QCA9887 1*1 High Power
  QCA9886 2*2 High Power
GS-PQF30 QCA9880 3*3 high Power 5Ghz
  QCA9984 4*4
GS-PQB9377 V1.0 QCA9377 1*1 pcie dual band
GS-UQB9377 V1.0 QCA9377 1*1 usb  dual band
  MT7610 High power USB3
  MT7612 High power USB3